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Select Reconciliation Type

Pick the reconciliation you wish to make:

Current Reconciliation
Blank Reconciliation

If you choose "Current Reconciliation" type, you can choose one of the alternative reconciliation types from the field "Related Category" that will popup on the right side. "Current Account Balance Reconciliation" will be the default pick. The Reconciliation Type cannot be changed after the the process of reconciliation delivery has begun.

Reconciliation Period: Choose the period you wish to reconcile for example, if you wish to reconcile as of the date of 30th of September 2018, click on "30/09/2018". When the process of reconciliation begins, this date cannot be changed.
Expiration Date: State the due date you wish to keep the process of reconciliation active here. Including the date you have picked, this reconciliation;

Will be on the tab "Open Reconciliations".
"Reminders" will be continuosly sent according to the days you have chosen for the unresponsive companies.
The people you have chosen will be able to respond to your reconciliation request.

The reconciliation will be on the tab "Previous Reconciliations", after the expiration date of that reconciliation. Also, the reminder delivery will be ceased and switched off for new replies.

Updated on: 22/10/2020

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