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General Reconciliation Settings

On the "General Settings" screen, you can make the following settings:

E-Mail Reminder Days

On days you will choose here, Easyrecon will automatically send a memorandum of invitation to companies that have not responded to the agreement. The default value for this selection is "Monday, Wednesday, Friday"

Click on the text and select the days you want the reminder to be sent from.

Reconciliation Template

You cannot send a reconciliation without the reconciliation template design. The person who will respond to your reconciliation request will be able to see the design in the "Reconciliation Template" on the response screen as well as the PDF and Fax documents have been created in accordance with this design. Select the appropriate reconciliation templates that you have already defined. Be sure to select the appropriate template for your language selection. You can display the design of the selected template by pressing the "Preview" button. If you want to design a new "Reconciliation Template", press the "Template Editor" button to access the related screen and make your new design.

Language Selection

Select the language you want to use for reconciliation submissions. The language of the emails to be sent and the link in the email will be selected based on the language of the site that will open.

Branch Selection

If you have a branched company structure, select your branch. If your subscription is "Prepaid Package", you will see how much credit your selected Branch has left. Check if you have as many credits as possible. If you don't have enough credits, you should buy a new unit.

Updated on: 15/03/2019

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