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Custom Reconciliation Settings

We have created a platform for you on Custom Settings menu that enables you to manage your reconciliations more effectively and set according to your needs. Put them into use by clicking the boxes next to the ones you wish to manage. It is selected when the box is in blue.

Auto Request Statements from Nonreconcilers: When you enable tick this box, if the authorized officer of your counterpart clicks "I Do Not Reconcile" and logs out without uploading the current account statement of their company, Easyrecon will automatically send an email of "Request Statement" to your counterpart five minutes after the response. Giden E-posta'nın içinde ilgili mutabakata ekstreyi kolayca yüklemesini sağlayacak bir link bulunur. Yanıt veren bu linki kullanarak kolayca ekstresini kolaymutabakat'a yükleyebilir. The email contains a link that will enable them to easily upload their statement for that reconciliation. The responder can use this link to easily upload their response to Easyrecon.

Notify Me of Nonreconcilers via Email.: If your counterpart clicks "I Do Not Reconcile", Easyrecon will send a notification email to the person requesting reconciliation about their respond. This way you will be aware of all "I Do Not Reconcile" responses without logging in to Easyrecon.

Auto Document Request on Missing Answers for Signed Document: If it is important to have a respond letter with "Seal and Signature" along with the electronic respond, you may use this option. In this case, if the responder does not upload a copy of the letter with seal and signature in 24 hours, the system will automatically send an email with a document in PDF form in attachment that requests reuploading this document with their addition of seal and signature.

Auto Update for Alternative Email: Select one of the options that appear below when you activate this option. Depending on your choice, Easyrecon updates the email address that will be sent automatically at a specific stage of the reconciliation, finding the user with the highest probability of to respond in the company you are seeking reconciliation to increase your response rate.

Set Tolerance Level for Reconciliation Variance: If the counterparty responds as "I Do Not Reconcile", the system will mark the difference between the balance of your balance and the counterparty's balance if it remains within the limit, marking this answer as "In the Difference Tolerance Limit". This does not change the status of the reconciliation to "Did Not Reconcile" to "Reconciled".

Updated on: 23/09/2019

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