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Do my reconciliation requests arrive at the relevant personnel?

The successful delivery of emails for your reconciliation requests is very important to get a response for your reconciliation.
You can track on Easyrecon whether the emails you have used for the reconciliation are valid and whether the e-mail address holders wish to get emails about the reconciliation.

To do so, click on the relevant reconciliation period. Click on the rightmost tab on the right-hand panel.
From there, you can watch how effective your emails requesting reconciliation are delivered.

Click on the corresponding number. The list for that number will appear. You may look at the error description to understand why it could not have been delivered. Since you cannot receive a response to your unresolved settlement request, you must ensure that all the invitations to reconcile are received.
You must Reset the Failed Delivery Number as much as possible so that you receive a high return on your reconciliations. Propose Alternative E-Mail feature of Easyrecon will assist you in that matter.

Updated on: 15/03/2019

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